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"A Slice of Love" Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter in Miniature Pizza Box

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$2.30 each
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Product Description

No matter how you slice it, there's simply no topping this when it comes to creative wedding favors! Place "A Slice of Love" Pizza Cutter next to each table setting, and when your guests go home, they'll take a "pizza" your heart with them-in a deliciously designed pizza box!

White, protective, plastic grip says "A Slice of..." just above a saucy, red heart, with the letters L-O-V-E appearing as openwork on the stainless-steel cutter. The pizza cutter is cleverly packaged in a miniature, red-and-white pizza box with black-and-white checkered sides and a circle of clear cellophane on top that lets the pizza cutter peek through. The pizza box is tied with a sheer white, organza ribbon and bow and includes a matching tag that says "Hot & Fresh For You". The pizza cutter measures 3 3/4" in diameter, and the gift box measures 4 1/2" square.