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Signature Vase

Signature Vase
Signature VaseSignature Vase
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Product Description

Popular for all special occasions, our Signature Vase will hold your favorite memories for years. White ceramic vase is modeled after a Scandinavian design with an almost square shape and rounded edges. Each vase comes with a special ceramic marker that guests use to sign their names and well wishes. Feel free to put a vase on each one of your wedding reception tables as a stand out centerpiece that you can take home and have as an eternal keepsake.

Purchase includes: ceramic vase, black porcelain marker, and detailed instructions on how to preserve your signatures.

Size: Measures 9 3/4" tall by 4 1/2 inches wide. Holds 75-100 signatures.
Materials: Ceramic dolomite clay. It is fired in an automatic kiln twice, bisque fired then glazed fired at temperatures ranging between 1,050 - 1,070 degrees.