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"By the Sea" Lighthouse Tea Light Holders

$4.59 each
$3.54 each
$2.89 each
48 or more
$2.63 each

Product Description

A beckoning beacon of light from sea to shining sea! Whether you want captivating table decor or a picturesque, beach-themed favor, "Beaming" Lighthouse Tea Light Holder has enough candlepower for a heartwarming glow-creating the inviting seaside ambiance you've imagined for your event.

Cream-hued, sturdy metal in a lighthouse design with handle and a place at the base for a tea candle. Details include windows and railing around lantern room at the top. Tea light candle included. Lighthouse measures 4 1/2 " h x 2 3/4 " in diameter Meta Tag: As a beautiful, beach-themed wedding favor, this lighthouse tea light holder shines!