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Personalized Glass Favor Jars - Set of 12

Personalized Glass Favor Jars - Set of 12
1-2 sets of 12
$31.99 each
3-4 sets of 12
$26.99 each
5-7 sets of 12
$19.99 each
8 or more sets of 12
$17.99 each
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Product Description

Just like the classic, glass canisters you'll find in a contemporary kitchen, only smaller and sweeter! Fill the jars with a tasty treat, and treat your guests to a unique, miniature marvel.

The glass jar has white-rubber gasket and metal locking device and measures 1.75" x 2.5" including metal work. It holds approximately 3.78 oz. & 40 pieces of small candy.

Sold in sets of 12.