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"Perfectly Suited" Personalized Playing Cards in Travel Case Favors

$2.15 each
$1.65 each
96 or more
$1.35 each
*Minimum order of 24

Product Description

If you got a spectacular deal in the romance department, why not share your secret with your guests? So handy for both home and travel, our "Perfectly Suited" playing cards bring your guests hours of fun and your thanks--times 52! Stack the deck with one of our amazing personalization choices, and you'll make this favor a absolute winner!

Standard deck of 52 playing cards with two jokers. Back of card has elegant, black-and-white design. Deck of cards arrives in clear-plastic travel case with inset for personalization. Add your names and wedding date to your choice of personalization designs. Card case measures approximately 3 3/4" l x 2 3/4" w x 3/4" d. Minimum order for personalization is 24.