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"Oh, So Cosmopolitan" Reversible Recipe Coasters

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Product Description

Unique doesn't begin to describe it, but it's the closest word we could find! A favor trifecta, our "Oh, So Cosmopolitan" Recipe Coaster is, first and formost, clearly cosmopolitan in design. Next, it sports a yummy-looking cosmopolitan on one side and, finally, a recipe for the popular cocktail on the other. Expect to hear cheers!

Single, colorful, reversible rubber coaster with superbly designed cosmopolitan cocktail (complete with orange peel garnish!) Ingredients for making a Cosmopolitan cocktail appear on the reverse side. Coaster measures 3 1/2" square. Unique, black gift box has open windows on both sides, displaying front and back of coaster. Gift presentation also includes a white-satin ribbon and bow. Gift box measures 3 3/4" square x 1/2" d.