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How do I order from With This Favor?

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With This Favor provides online and phone ordering only. Once a customer submits their order, With This Favor will begin processing the order.

All order changes or confirmations (such as quantity or personalization confirmations) must be made by email, not by phone. This enables both the customer and With This Favor to keep accurate records of how the customer wants to proceed. We will not make any changes to a customer's order, nor will we proceed with any order, until the customer confirms by email. We sincerely ask that all customers check their email in a timely manner.

No orders of any amount (personalized or non-personlized) can be cancelled after 24 hours of submitting the order.

*Please note: All items that are ordered by a customer through With This Favor will be charged at the time the customer submits his or her order. If a customer fails to pay for their order or any costs associated with their order, With This Favor will report the customer to the Internet Fraud Division of the FBI. With This Favor asks all customers to please be honest.