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Why do some personalized glassware items have set-up fees?

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Some personalized glassware items have set-up fees due to the precision and time it takes for these items to be manufactured, personalized, and packaged for shipment. Customers will have to acknowledge that EACH item they choose to purchase requires a separate set-up fee. Once the customer clicks on the box that states "Personalized Glassware Fee Acknowledgement: Yes, I understand the set up fee is $38.00," the customer is acknowledging they will be charged separately a set-up fee for EACH personalized glassware item he or she purchases.

**Please note: In the event there is a technical glitch, and the customer is not charged in full for his or her set-up fees, the customer is still responsible for paying With This Favor for the amount required for set-up fees. With This Favor will not process any order until the set-up fees are paid in full.**