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Wedding Fans are an absolute necessity for beach, spring or summer outdoor weddings! Your guests won't be able to thank you enough for these paper hand fans that help keep them cool on your special day. All hand held fans come in a plethora of styles and colors for your wedding day. Our tip: Search through all of our folding hand fans for weddings, bridal showers, and other events and make the perfect selection according to your theme and/or color!

Fans For Weddings Are The Perfect Favor

Wedding favors issued to the guests should be chosen wisely. This is because it is something that will always remind them of that wedding they attended. It is a great strategy of keeping the memories of your wedding alive in the minds of those who attended it. Preferably, select a wedding favor that is useful to the guests. A wedding fan is an excellent choice of a wedding favor.

Usually, these fans are available in various designs. Below are some examples of beautiful wedding fans that can provide a lasting impression to the guests in your wedding:

The White Paper Wedding Fans

This type of fans promotes comfort to the users. If the wedding day is extremely hot, wedding fans come in handy. By providing the fans to the guests, they will fell appreciated and cared for. Apart for the comfort that these provide to the guests, they also bring a sense of class and sophistication in the wedding. White is a peaceful and classy shade to choose for your wedding fans.

The Blue Silk Wedding Fans

When speaking of elegance, the blue silk fans provide nothing short of that. Silk is naturally classy, which makes it the perfect fabric for a wedding fan. Blue is a strong color that brings out a regal image of the wedding fan. Due to this, the guests in the wedding will feel special because of the beautiful wedding favor that they will have got. Further to this, the blue silk wedding fans are as useful as the usual fans.

The Sandalwood Wedding Fan

Those having an outdoor wedding should be particularly concerned about the sun's heat and humidity. This is the reason why the sandalwood wedding fan is an excellent choice of a wedding favor. The fan is practical to use on the wedding day and even after. This type of wedding favor will provide a lasting impression to your guests.

Gold Wedding Fans

This type of fan is not vital for hot temperatures, but, it is a sweet gift to give your guests. Its beauty, elegance and sophistication make it an ideal gift for the guests.

The Luxurious Silk Wedding Fan

This is yet another beautiful choice of a wedding fan to give your guests. It is the best type for contemporary weddings because of its beautiful appearance. It comes in two shades, which are black and white. The two shades are sold independently.

Extending your gratitude to those who have contributed in making your wedding day a success is vital. The choice of wedding favor you give your guests will determine the extent to which memories of your wedding day will linger in the minds. DIY Wedding fans are a perfect choice of a wedding favor. With the stylish designs of wedding favors available in the market today, you can be sure of having a memorable wedding day. Take time to research on the different varieties of fans for weddings available in the market. The internet is a useful and convenient research tool.

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