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Unique Wedding Favors - Unique Wedding Favor Ideas

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Are you looking for unique wedding favors to embellish your wedding with? Look no further! We carry the most stylish and unique wedding party favors for you to choose from. Unique favors such as personalized wedding favors are a great way to show your gratitude toward your wedding guests. No matter what you are looking for, you will find the most unique wedding favor here.

Ideas For Finding Unique Wedding Favors

Finding unique favors for your wedding guests can seem overwhelming. So much so, that you may be tempted to throw out the whole notion. "After all," you find yourself rationalizing, "nothing in wedding etiquette says I have to provide wedding favors." Before you talk yourself out of giving your guests favors, remember why you would want to give them in the first place.

Wedding favors are a way of saying "Thank you," to each guest in a way that expresses your appreciation of their friendship. You want to acknowledge their participation in this life-changing event that they, with their attendance, have consented to be a part of. You may also want to go one step further and give them something that will serve as a reminder of your wedding each time they see it. Weddings are an important event. Why not put the necessary thought into selecting unique favors that fit the occasion?

Now that you have decided not to abandon the whole enterprise, you need to provide something that will not just be unique, but something that will fit the theme of the occasion or will have some significance for the bride and groom. If the wedding is a vineyard wedding or at least a vineyard theme, then a good wedding favor would be a bottle of wine for everyone, with an appropriate non-alcoholic bottle for the under-21 guests. This certainly fits the theme but it will be quickly consumed and will not serve as a reminder of the wedding years later.

If you think wine would be appropriate, even if it is not the theme of the wedding, you might want to go an extra step and have a wine opener with each bottle with the names of the bride and groom on the handle. If a significant portion of your guests are teetotalers, then a bottle opener might be apropos. There are even heart-shaped bottle openers perfect for wedding favors although they may not be seen as particularly unique favors.

One idea that can easily be tailored to your wedding to provide a unique and lasting gift is the wedding "mix tape" CD. The bride and groom pick the songs that they like and create a CD with them. You can even have art work of your choice used for the CD label. This could incorporate the couples pictures, or just the names of the bride and groom.

One last idea would be a printed book or booklet. You want something that looks elegant and suitable for a wedding. In the book you could have a romantic short story or poem selected by the couple. The story could be prefaced with a note of thanks from the bride and groom.

These are just a handful of ideas that would make favors that are unique for your wedding. The key idea is to pick something that can be made to reflect the uniqueness of the occasion or the couple. Collect some of the ideas for unique wedding favors you find in your research, then put some effort into thinking of ways to tailor one of these ideas to be unique for your wedding.

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