The 10 Best Dress Watches For Men

The rules of having a furbish chronometer have not to be only obtrusive but should not take anything away from your attire. It should have also had a slenderness design because that is the order of the day and you should aim at picking something that can easily slide under the shirt with seamless ease. We are bringing you the best luxury watches that you can select from, and you have to be sure that it will award you substance and of course, an excellent automatic movement.

  1. Longines Master Collection

This is then official timekeeper that you can use for most sporting events that you want to attend. This is a product that matches together the technical effectiveness alongside its superb innovation. Designed with a transparent case, the timer can last longer that most of your expectations. That cover also delivers a black chronograph dial, a bracelet crafted from stainless steel and most significant is its ability to become water-resistant up to a depth of 30 meters below the water surface.

  1. Chopard L.U.C XP

When you need something that is worth its price, then you should not think twice but buy this one, and it will be your dream product. It is an item that has won several awards, for instance, the most stylish thin chronometer ever built at the Grand Prix d’Horlogerie de Geneve. Designed to be less than 7mm thick, you’ll realize that his is indeed a small number and will give you an automatic movement. It has been equipped with more features that will give you more benefits than you can imagine.


  1. Piaget Altiplano

Piaget is a company that has been known to be manufacturing ultra-chic tickers since time immemorial. It is a product that was launched in 2010 and comes with a caliber 1200P which has beaten all odds to become the slimmest automatic movements that exist in the world. It has a 43mm width and is very easy to see with the eyes as well as on the wrist. It pleases aesthetically and also very versatile that is why it will match across most of the occasions that you will attend. An excellent designed watch for men.

  1. Grand Seiko

Japanese experts are out with a brand that will take you by surprise because you didn’t expect it. What we have accepted is that precise timing is synonymous, and that is the reason that this timer is known for their quartz and atomic movements. Made with a 40mm diameter and Hi-beat movement and 35000bph which has been perfect over time. Craftsmanship emanating from the Japanese experts is at the core of this piece hence becomes an ideal timer to be used in any occasion with all the outfits.

  1. Patek Philippe Calatrava

This is a small item, but the good part of it is that it has been perfectly formed to give it the best rank in the wristwatches industry. Given a name that ranges back in history, it becomes one of the finest watches you can get around. Has a calibre 215 PS movement and comes with a power reserve that can take it up to 40 hours. Don’t get me wrong but you can miss such a marvelous piece of work.

Sometimes you need to be unique and different from other people. What you need is a timepiece to give you that separation. Show up in events and you will be noticed immediately when you swing your hand around. You need not worry about your outfit because these items will perfectly blend in whatever that you choose from wearing.