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Personalized Wedding Favors - Personalized Party Favors

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There is no better way to say thank you to your guests than giving them personalized wedding favors or personalized party favors. Sit down with your significant other and find the perfect gift that fits your personalities. Having your wedding favors personalized is very simple and adds a uniqueness to your wedding that guests will be talking about for a long time to come. Personalized favor tags can be purchased and added on to any favor to give it an extra special touch as well. A favorite personalized wedding favor of ours is the personalized shot glasses.

On a tight budget? We offer a wide assortment of personalized wedding favors under $1.00. Don't be fooled by the price... the quality of these favors do not lack. As a matter of fact, the only cheap thing about these favors is the price!

Personalized Wedding Favors & Party Favors

While planning your wedding, be sure that you consider the wedding favors that you are going to use for your guest. Personalized wedding favors are always a welcomed and appreciated gift. People love receiving wedding favor gifts and the ones that are personalized seem to be so much more special.

You will find a large variety of wedding favors that are personalized to help make your occasion special. You might choose to present your guest with favor gift boxes that are available in a variety of colors and that have a label on the front with a picture of a bride and groom, under the bride and groom, your names would appear with the date of your wedding below that. Inside the box you could place cookies, candies or even a cupcake.

Another option that you can choose is personalized lollipops. These party favors are a unique gift that offers your guest a tasty lollipop that is embellished with a personalized sticker with the bride and grooms names and wedding date. The lollipops are individually wrapped making it easy to gift each guest with their own treat.

Perhaps you'd like to use personalized wrapped candy bars or popcorn as your wedding favors. Both treats are something that each guest can enjoy after the wedding that will bring back wonderful memories of your special day. Personalized wedding cookies are also another tasty treat that you can present your guest with. You will find cookies shaped like a wedding cake that has the bride and grooms names on them along with the date of the wedding. Each cookie is wrapped in clear cellophane and tied with a pretty ribbon.

You can also choose to have personalized hot chocolate packs or coffee packs to give to your guest. You might even decide that you would like to give them their own personalized cocktail drink mix that comes in single serving envelopes and are printed with your wedding information.

If you'd like to stay away from edible personalized wedding favors, you can choose from items such as small tape measures, notebooks, luggage tags, sewing kits and even compact mirrors. Each item is able to hold a sticker that has the bride and grooms names and wedding dates on it. The stickers will vary according to the size of the item that you choose.

Another non food item that makes a great wedding favor is personalized candles. Everyone loves burning candles and when your guest lights this candle, they will think about your wedding and how beautiful and special the day was.

Gift your guest with personalized wine glasses that have the bride and grooms name printed on them as well as the wedding date. You will find that there are also several different graphics that you can use on your wine glass such as a wedding cake, hearts or flowers. You can choose your wine glass with a stem or stem less, which ever you prefer, you guest are going to love them. They will add a touch of elegance to any wedding.

You will find so many personalized favors to help make your wedding that special event that you have dreamed about for so long.

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