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Personalized Playing Cards - Wedding Playing Cards

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Personalized playing cards are a fun and thoughtful gift for your wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, or any other event. Each set offers a standard 52 deck of playing cards with a sticker that can be personalized and placed on the outside of the playing cards' case. These custom playing cards will offer your guests a form of entertainment for years to come.

Having Personalized Playing Cards As Wedding Favors

There are so many choices on the market today for wedding favors. You can go elegant, like wine glasses or engraved paper weights. You can go popular, using attractively wrapped treats or cds of the wedding songs. Or you can go fun.

Personalized playing cards fall more in line with the last category. They are just plain fun. After all, we all have memories of fond times playing card games, don't we?

Personalized playing cards come in more varieties than one would dream. They come in every color under the rainbow, and range from very simplistic-just your wedding date and new name on a white background-to very decorated. You can add emblems of wine glasses, wedding cakes, hearts, dice, wedding rings, polka dots, flowers. If you can imagine it, it can be printed.

You can also use a photo of the two of you for the backside of the cards, making it a definate keepsake. You can also choose to purchase simple monogrammed cards.

Wedding playing cards have a long life, sticking around for years. This is a wedding favor that will be around awhile. The longer playing cards are owned, the more beloved they become. Most people get attached to their decks of cards. As they are used more and more, the more flexible they become. They shuffle more easily, they feel better in your hand. When all the treats have been ate and the paper weights gave away due to dust collecting, your playing cards will stand.

Most times, when you give personalized playing cards as a wedding favor, they will come in individual cases, adding to their appeal. There is no need of a rubber band to bind them with, and the chance of losing them is slim. Want to fancy them up a bit more? Tie a slip of ribbon around the case.

This choice of a favor is a practical gift, one that will be used.

It is a very nice gift for a fraction of the cost of other wedding favors. Many personalized decks can be purchased for under a dollar. Wedding favor playing cards are a good economical choice.

Personalized playing cards are a favor everyone can enjoy. Kids love them. Men can tuck them back for poker night. Seniors can use them for their bridge or gin games.

This choice of a wedding favor also has immediate benefit. When you have a wedding, at least a portion of your guests have traveled a long distance to attend. Usually, this also means they must acquire accomodations for the length of their stay. There is only so much to do at a hotel. After the pool and television, you often find yourself bored. What better to have on hand then a deck of playing cards? Entertainment on hand that will last after the pool has closed and your favorite shows have gone off.

Lastly, won't you love having playing cards around for years to come? Whiling away the hours across the table from each other, engrossed in a friendly card game for two? Everybody wins in this one.