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Bridal Shower Favors

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Bridal showers, or wedding showers, are a wonderful way to take the load off the bride. A custom dating back to the mid 1800's, bridal showers allow for the bride to be able to "let her hair down" and celebrate with friends and family! Our unique bridal shower favors are the perfect way to thank these extraordinary ladies for all their love and support.

Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

Try finding a bridal shower favor that goes with the theme of the wedding or that matches the personality of the bride. Another suggestion is to find personalized favors for the bridal shower that are sure to give it that extra special touch. No matter what you choose, bridal shower favors will be a huge hit at your event and will be a great way to thank the ladies who are closest to you.

Choosing Favors For Bridal Showers

A woman's wedding is the biggest and most important day of her life. This is the start of a new life with a husband, the love of her life. Everything needs to be perfect, even her bridal shower. With all of the favors for bridal showers to choose from, choosing the right one may seem overwhelming.

Think about the bride to be when choosing how you will set up her bridal shower. If the shower fits her personality, you will likely make her quite happy. It is her day, she deserves everything to be perfect.

When picking bridal shower favors, keep in mind the things the bride likes. Try to personalize them as best as possible. Having the name and date on any of the favors chosen is a must. This also shows the bride you care enough to make sure her day goes perfect.

There are so many personalized wedding shower favors to choose from. Does the bride like to drink a lot of coffee? Consider getting personalized coffee singles. These are often cheap and are enough to brew one pot of coffee. Her shower guests will like anything that makes her happy. To go along with the coffee, add muffin mixes and cookie mixes. These are mixes that can be personalized with names and dates on the packaging. It is a good match with coffee too.

Maybe the bride likes to get her nails done or frequents the salon for manicures. Consider getting mini manicure sets and have them personalized. These are another inexpensive idea and are perfect favors for bridal showers. Many women like to do their nails! A personalized lip balm would go absolutely perfect with a manicure set. You can have the jar personalized with a sticker on the top. These would make a cute combination that would be perfect for her and her guest's purses.

Many people like chocolate and if the bride loves chocolate give her what she would love. Chocolate bars can be custom made to have names imprinted in the chocolate and also printed on a custom designed wrapper. Chocolate is often one of the safest gifts, and people do not get offended even if they do not like chocolate. With a chocolate bar, the guests can enjoy the chocolate and hold onto the personalized wrapper for a keepsake. The one disadvantage with the chocolate is that it should be eaten or it will melt. With a personalized wrapper, it is not a problem holding on to the keepsake.

Candies are another option. Many companies customize their candies for weddings and bridal showers. The candies can be customized and the bags you have them packaged in. There are many options with candies for special occasions.

Another cute addition to any of the above bridal shower favor ideas is to have notepads and pens personalized. These are inexpensive and can be the nice touch to add to any shower. There are so many favors to offer. You can also create your own unique ideas, just make sure she feels special!

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